Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ohh Ramadan

Ohh Ramadan
by ~ Natasha Chudrey

Wake up
and hear the...QURAN
It's the holy month of RAMADAN

The time has come
to give the most sincere worship to the One

Dettach yourself from the world
Arrange your meetings with the true hidden pearls

Leave no room for foul rouse
Apply the monotheist testimony to mark your vows

Shaytans been locked up somewhere
Rest assured, your inhaling pure oxygen air

Be the change you wish to see
Bow down in chaste submission and piety

Answer the calling of truth
and give your spirit an enormous boost

Our good deeds counted as 700 blissful folds
Don't slip away into the cold heartless mold
Keep it good..and hold

Crown the Quran..
7000 hasana for each letter
The more you read
The more good deeds, the better

Sins are rootless
Don't make yourself look fruitless

The beggining of this month starts off with His mercy
Swim these boundless shores in gramercy

The middle is a pinpoint on his spread of pardon
Explore the bounty and fruit in his garden

It ends in salvation from hell
Destined to the keys of Paradise to dwell
Envision allevation & victory
If you finished this month with success
you have excelled

Then bid the pious month farewell..
and glue to your precious outlining beneath your shell

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