Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Holy Quran is My Name


Rich in Cover & Nicely Bound,
in The Hearts Of Muslims
I Am Rarely Found,
High On A Shelf Am Kept, Forgotten Their I Am Left, With Respect,
I Do Get Lots Of Kiss,
They Need Me,
At Times I Am Used For Phony Swear,
My True Use is Very-Very Rare, My Main Point is What They Always Miss,
They Neglect  The Message inside Me, But Under The GRAVE
A Miracle I Am  That Can Challenge The World,
All One Has To Do is Understand My Word,
I Have Wisdom - I Have Treasure,
So Much So That There is No Measure,
I Am Your Saviour - I Am Your Guide,
But Who is There To Take My Ride,
Right From Wrong is My Frame,
Holy Quran is My Name


Aapki Dua Ki Talib

Natasha Chudrey


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