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Dos and Don'ts in Islam

50 Dos and Don'ts in Islam
by ~proud to be a muslim

1) When remembering Allah (saying adhkaarAllah):
YES: Whenever you can, remember Allah with your heart and tongue.
NO: Do not audibly/loudly mention Allah's Name when you are in the bathrooms.

2) When saying your du'as/supplications to Allah:
YES: Know that Allah has the ability to answer your du'as/supplications, and that Allah can hear you.
NO: Do not pray against your own family and relatives; praying against them may also have a bad effect on you later. Instead of supplicating against them, pray that Allah guides them to what is good.

3) When performing wudhoo/ablution:
YES: Purify your intention before you do wudhoo/ablution and say 'Bismillah'.
NO: Do not waste water when performing wudhoo/ablution.

4) When praying/performing the salaah:
YES: When praying, focus on what you are saying and know that you are communicating with Allah, who sees all of your movements in prayer.
NO: When praying, do not look upwards – do not look at the sky or ceiling. Instead, humbly look downwards at your place of prostration/sujood.

5) When paying the obligatory charity/zakaah:
YES: Pay the zakaah every year to purify your wealth, to obey Allah's commands, and to please Allah.
NO: Do not give zakaah/charity with the intention of showing off your wealth or generosity.

6) When fasting:
YES: Avoid looking at that which is haram/forbidden, listening to what is haram/forbidden, and doing anything that is forbidden to do while you are fasting.
NO: While fasting, do not allow yourself to insult others or get involved in arguments.

7) When performing pilgrimage (Hajj or 'Umrah):
YES: Try your best to fulfill all of the requirements of performing Hajj and 'Umrah.
NO: Do not harm other pilgrims by pushing or offending.

8) When praying in the mosque/masjid:
YES: Straighten the rows when praying in a group, and turn off your mobile phone if you are carrying one.
NO: Do not allow children to run freely around the mosque/masjid so that they pass in front of those who are praying.

9) When reading the Qur'an:
YES: Contemplate on the words you are reading and try to beautify your recitation. Make sure that you always read Surat Al-Kahf on Fridays.
NO: Do not make it a rule to read the Qur'an only in Ramadan. Try to read the Qur'an every other day.

10) When saying the salaam/Islamic greeting:
YES: When a Muslim says 'salaam 'alaikum' to you, return the greeting with 'wa 'alaikum as-salaam' or give a better response 'wa 'alaikum as-salaam wa Rahmatullah', or with the complete response 'wa 'alaikum as-salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh'.
NO: Do not think that it is a bad thing to be the first to say salaam to Muslims who are much younger than you.

11) When meeting a Muslim:
YES: Smile, say the salaam and shake hands.
NO: When you have finished your meeting with the Muslim, do not forget to excuse him/her and say the salaam again upon leaving.

12) When interacting with a group of Muslims:
YES: Be friendly and make sure that you do not make anyone in the group feel left out.
NO: Do not allow anyone to make fun of anything related to Islam and Muslims. Do not listen to evil speech, gossip and lies. Do not let your friends backbite or lie about others.

13) When joking:
YES: Make people smile as a good deed to please Allah, as long as your jokes and games do not go against Allah's rules, and as long as they do not contain any falsehood.
NO: Do not joke around with your friends if you know that joking may hurt them or annoy them.

14) When talking to  a non-Muslim about Islam:
YES: Clearly explain to them whatever you know about Islam. If you don't know the answer to a question, tell them that you do not know the answer.
NO: Do not insult them if they start talking to you about their religion.

15) When delivering a lecture/speech:
YES: With confidence speak loudly and clearly, so that your audience can hear you and understand what you are saying.
NO: Do not lecture about Islam without giving any proofs from the Qur'an and Hadith/sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam).

16) When learning about Islam:
YES: Learn about Islam to strengthen your faith/Imaan and relationship with Allah.
NO: Do not learn with the intention of showing off your religious knowledge.

17) When sharing knowledge of Islam to others:
YES: Make sure that what you teach you also follow, and the good that you enjoin upon others you yourself try to implement.
NO: When asked about a matter related to Islam and you know the answer, do not hide your knowledge, pretending that you do not know.

18) When giving advice:
YES: Give advice with the sincere intention of helping out, not to insult or show that you are superior.
NO: So that you do not sound as though you are insulting, do not advise someone without mentioning the positive qualities that they have or why you are advising them.

19) When receiving advice:
YES: Accept the advice if it is for your own good in this world and in the Hereafter.
NO: Do not listen to advice that suggests you to disobey Allah.

20) When visiting a friend:
YES: Let your friend know that you are going to visit them. Before entering their house, seek permission and say the salaam.
NO: When you are in your friend's house, do not look around or search through their belongings, unless they allow you to do so.

21) When visiting the sick:
YES: Give words of comfort or advice to the sick, and let them know that sickness can be a form of purification for one's sins.
NO: So that the patient can have some rest, do not make your visiting period/duration too long.

22) When receiving guests/visitors:
YES: Be hospitable to your guests by offering them food and drink, and making them feel welcome.
NO: Do not let them leave your house without saying salaam again to them.

23) Before attending the Friday/Jumu'ah prayer:
YES: Take the Friday ghusl/bath, clip your fingernails and toenails, and complete reading/reciting Surat Al-Kahf.
NO: Do not waste several hours shopping or window-shopping before the Friday/Jumu'ah prayer. You may go shopping after you have finished praying the Friday prayer.

24) Before attending the Eid salah/prayer:
YES: Take ghusl/bath, congratulate your family, and eat something sweet such as dates before attending the Eid prayer.
NO: Do not let yourself fall into arguments with a Muslim before the Eid prayer.

25) When eating:
YES: Make sure that you said 'Bismillah' before you ate, always eat with your right hand, and share your food with a Muslim to please Allah.
NO: Do not eat while standing when you can easily eat sitting down. Do not eat with your left hand, as Satan eats and drinks with his left.

26) When drinking:
YES: Say 'Bismillah' before eating and drinking, and 'Alhamdulillah' after you have finished eating and drinking.
NO: Do not drink in one gulp. Instead, drink with some breaks in between sips.

27) Before going to sleep:
YES: Recite the adhkaar (words of remembrance of Allah) that are to be said before sleeping. Especially recite Surat Al-Fatihah, Ayat Al-Kursy, Surat Al-Ikhlaas, Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Naas.
NO: Do not think that it is a strange thing to say adhkaarAllah before sleeping. Going to sleep without mentioning Allah can often lead to nightmares.

28) Upon waking up from one's sleep:
YES: Say the du'a 'Alhamdulillah al-lathee ahyaana ba'da maa amaatanaa wa Ilaihi an-nushoor'.
NO: Do not go back to sleep unless you know that you have prayed the obligatory salah/prayer at that time, such as 'Isha and Fajr salah/prayer.

29) When traveling:
YES: Maintain your Muslim identity and maintain praying the five obligatory salaahs/prayers on time (combined and shortened while traveling).
NO: Do not forget the Sunnah witr salah/prayer, which is to be prayed after the 'Isha prayer. At least one rak'ah of witr will do insha-Allah. Do not drag your feet to places where it is haram/forbidden to go to.

30) When buying:
YES: Buy only things that are halaal (permissible) which cannot cause you trouble in this world or in the Hereafter.
NO: Do not be extravagant or spendthrift when buying. Your money is a trust from Allah.

31) When selling:
YES: Try to make it easy for your customers to buy from you by allowing some discounts. If you do that to please Allah, Allah will insha-Allah bless your selling and your customers may mention you in their prayers/supplications.
NO: Do not lie about the actual price of an item that you are trying to sell. If the item you are selling has some defects, do not hide them from your customers.

32) When shopping:
YES: Always say the adhkaarAllah and remember Allah, even while shopping.
NO: Do not let your gaze wander here and there. Do not stare at the opposite gender who are not related to you.

33) Before entering the bathroom:
YES: Say 'Bismillah' and 'Allahumma innee a'oothobika min al-khubthi wal khabaa-ith', then enter the bathroom with your left foot first.
NO: Do not go inside the bathroom with a copy of the Qur'an or an Islamic article that contains the Name of Allah.

34) Upon leaving the bathroom:
YES: Say 'Ghufraanak' and leave the bathroom with your right foot.
NO: Do not leave the bathroom without flushing the toilet that you have just used.

35) Towards your mother:
YES: Help your mother with the house chores, like cooking and keeping the house and toilets clean.
NO: Do not say anything to your mother that could offend her. Do not yell at her even if she raises her voice at you. Do not ignore her when she calls you.

36) Towards your father:
YES: Make your father happy by excelling at school and in your behavior. If you are married and an adult, make him thankful for you by being a good family man and by taking care of him and your mother.
NO: Do not waste your father's wealth on unnecessary things that will not benefit your soul in this world nor in the Hereafter.

37) Towards your family and relatives:
YES: Maintain family ties with your relatives by visiting them often and communicating with them on the telephone or thru sending e-mail messages.
NO: Do not cut off family ties. When having a misunderstanding with a relative, do not claim that they are no longer family.

38) Towards your neighbors:
YES: From time to time share some of your food with your neighbors, especially during Ramadan. If they are non-Muslim, share with them the knowledge of your religion Islam.
NO: Do not disturb your neighbors by causing loud noise in your home or throwing trash in their pathways.

39) Towards animals:
YES: Feed birds, stray animals and pets with water and food that they can eat. If you show mercy to animals by giving them food and drink, and by not harming them, Allah will insha-Allah have mercy on you.
NO: Do not shoot or hit birds and animals for fun. Do not make animals fight with one another. Do not separate baby birds and animals from their mothers. Do not keep dogs in your houses as pets.

40) As a student:
YES: Listen to the teacher carefully when they are explaining a lesson. Do your homework, assignments and projects on time.
NO: Do not leave the class without fully understanding the lesson. Do not be shy to ask a question that you need to ask. Do not disrespect teachers and fellow students.

41) As a teacher:
YES: When explaining a lesson to your students, speak loudly and in a language that they understand. Reward students who do well in class with a treat or small gift for motivation.
NO: Do not be too soft or your students may take advantage of you. Do not underestimate nor overestimate any student.

42) As a parent:
YES: Teach your children good character and Islamic manners. Always educate them about their religion Islam, and encourage them to memorize the Qur'an.
NO: Do not send your children to a non-Islamic school when you can send them to an Islamic school. Do not neglect or supplicate against your children, as they are a trust from Allah.

43) As a friend:
YES: Stay in touch with your Muslim friends, frequently visiting one another for Allah's sake. Share with them whatever you can share, and assist them when they ask you for help.
NO: Do not encourage one another to do evil deeds; instead, encourage each other to be closer to Allah. Do not lie to a friend, do not expose your friend's secret that they told you, and do not talk badly behind a friend's back.

44) (For women) When wearing the hijab/veil:
YES: Wear the hijab/veil in the presence of non-Mahram (non-related) men to obey Allah's command to wear the hijab and to be different from non-Muslim women who don't believe in Allah.
NO: Do not wear the hijab with the intention of wearing it to attract attention or as a kind of fashion.

45) (For men) When growing one's beard:
YES: Trim your moustaches and beards when necessary, wet your beards when doing wudhoo/ablution, and let your beards grow.
NO: Do not shave your beards, as many of Allah's Prophets grew their beards and having a beard is one of the features of men that distinguish them from women. While you should not shave your beard, do not make your beard look untidy.

46) When riding a vehicle:
YES: Always remember Allah and say the du'as/supplications to be said upon riding a vehicle.
NO: While riding a vehicle do not throw any trash or garbage along the pathways/road.

47) When giving a gift:
YES: Give a gift which you believe your friend will like and can benefit from in this world and in the Hereafter.
NO: Do not give your friend something which you do not want for yourself as a gift. Do not give a gift with the feeling that you might get it back after some time.

48) When receiving a gift:
YES: When someone gives you a gift or does you a favor, always say thank you and/or 'JazaakAllahu Khair' (May Allah bless you with much good) in return.
NO: Do not throw away a gift that a Muslim gives you unless you know that the gift is something haram/forbidden.

49) When searching for something:
YES: Seek Allah's help first and foremost before asking anyone else about what you are searching for.
NO: Do not go to a mosque/masjid with the sole intention of asking the Muslims there if they know where your lost item is.

50) When working on the Internet:
YES: Visit an Islamic website every time you log onto the Internet.
NO: Do not look at materials that are haram/forbidden for you to look at. Lower your gaze, even when using the Internet

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