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What Is ISLAM?


by ~mobeen tariq
In a far away land
Something wonderful came
Love and Peace was born
A wonderful man with the name
just a simple islamic wallpaper design !

wish u guys like it !

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Mobeen Traiq
I just felt that this really needed to be made. Please keep in mind that I am not a Muslim, nor do I come from a Muslim family. However, I believe that it is ignorant, if not cruel, to persecute an entire religion because of a few extremists. With every religion and every belief system, there will always be extremists, but there will also be many good people with families, loved ones, and good hearts.

Let's try to be openminded about that.

Best Regards Mobeen Tariq

( Islam is the most peaceful religion on the world ))

( Islam is the most peaceful religion on the world ))


The left stone says: "Allah."
It's very weird written, I think, but I don't know much about the Islam.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Her name was Ursula

I was with Nour, my girlfriend. We were sitting in an open space in the ancient Tripoli Souk.
People started moving, looking, staring at the same place.
That women, dressed from head to toe in black, walking with chains and a lock on it appeared suddenly.
People's reaction was priceless. She walks fast, and provokes everybody staring for a long time, provokes anyone trying to make contact or trying to touch her.
She looked angry at some people. She didnt say a word though...
We were surprised.
A military man (photographed in the Clichés of Tripoli), tells us that this woman is seriously crazy/insane.
She's from Iranian origins.
He said that she wasn't always wearing this outfit.
That she's a very beautiful woman underneath...
I couldn't take a picture at the time.

After a couple of hours, walking in Tripoli, taking a picture of Nour behind the same background, she comes walking towards us. I jump on the occasion, and ask her if she would like to be photographed.
She doesn't say a word. She gets in the frame, she hugs Nour, starts caressing her back and hair in a weird manner. She seems to be smiling. I take pictures.
Nour gets out of the frame. And she looks at me, and give me this position.
I take the picture. I look at her with gratitude. She continues her way without saying a single word.

People who've seen me take a picture of her come to me "How the hell did she accept? She's a crazy person! She's violent when someone talks to her..."etc --> Everyone was very surprised of the kindness she was able to give us.

A couple of days later, we were driving in Jbeil, we see her on the road, waiting for the bus. We stop the car. She's behind us. We observe her from the mirrors of the cars for a good couple of minutes. A man, a taxi driver, knocks on my door. He asks us if we know her. We tell him we saw her before.
He's like 'I tried to offer her a ride, she kicked my car with her foot, who the hell is she? what is she???... '
We just say we don't know...
We get out of the car to say hello. She sees us. She remembered us right away. She's surprised. She screams. She hugs Nour very tightly. She tells me hello with enthusiasm.
Her eyes are colored. Her skin is very white. She really seems beautiful underneath...
She asks for our names, she tells us we're beautiful and cute together. I ask her if we can see her, in order to give her the pictures we took... she asks for our phone numbers. The bus comes. We give her our numbers, expecting hers in return, but she doesn't have any... she will be the one phoning us.
I ask her for her name. She says "Ursula".

Then again, a couple of days later, she phones us (always from different phone booths) a couple of times telling us she'd like to meet us because she has problems...
We finally set up a meeting with her. Same time and place, in Jbeil...
We get there on time. We wait for 30 minutes. She's not there. We go.
She calls me after a while. She was late. I tell her we cannot comeback, but we could set up a meeting again...
Ursula kept talking to me for around half an hour.
I am going to respect the conversation we had.
It was a lesson in life...

She never called again...

She said she wanted to fly

Proud To Be Muslim

Islam's beauty.

In this piece, I wanted people to see Islam's women as beautiful creations, Masha'Allah. We are identified simply by the head scarves (and other such covering garments, for example the head scarf, abaya e.t.c) that we wear with full enthusiasm, regardless of what others (non-Muslims) may think of us, or say about us. We let others know that Islam doesn't have to openly expose the beauty of its women just to let the world know its there, but to show them that their (Islam's women) beauty isn't deserved by everyone in the world, and therefore shouldn't be exposed, but should instead be preserve

Marriage Connects People

This is the lineart..

So... yeah, I admit.. I stole a headline and made it as a title for this one.. cuz I have no idea what to insert. Haha.. anyways, getting married is one of Rasulullah's sunnah. . there area lot of reasons why people gets married everyday.

1. Parents asked them to.
2. Ready to settle down.
3. Want to have some children before they get too old.
4. To avoid any unwanted incidents. Such as having an adultery.
5. To have a halal bond between the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

Whatever the reasons are, I think it is the most beautiful gift ever.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Last Cermon Of Prophet Muhammad SWW

Are Muslim Women Oppressed?

by ~mobeen

Among the many topics of interest to non-Muslims, the status of Muslim women and the theme of their rights -- or rather, the perceived lack of them – seems to be foremost.  The media’s portrayal of Muslim women,   usually outlining their “oppression and mystery” seems to contribute to this negative perception.

The main reason for this is that people often fail to distinguish between culture and religion -- two things that are completely different. In fact, Islam condemns oppression of any kind whether it is towards a woman or humankind in general.

The Quran is the sacred book by which Muslims live. This book was revealed 1400 years ago to a man named Muhammad –peace be upon him-, who would later become the Prophet –peace be upon him-. Fourteen centuries have passed and this book has not been changed since, not one letter has been altered.

In chapter 33, entitled Surah Al-Ahzaab (The Clans), verse 59 Allah The Exalted Almighty Says (what means): "O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the woman of the believers to bring down over themselves (part) of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known (as free respectable women) and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful." [Quran 33:59] This verse shows that Islam makes wearing a Hijaab necessary. Hijaab is the word used for covering, not only the headscarves (as some people may think) but also wearing loose clothes that are not too bright.

Sometimes, people see covered Muslim women and they think of this as oppression. This is wrong. A Muslim woman is not oppressed, in fact, she is liberated. This is because she is no longer valued for something material, such as her good looks or the shape of her body. She compels others to judge her for her intelligence, kindness, honesty and personality. Therefore, people judge her for who she actually is.

When Muslim women cover their hair and wear loose clothes, they are obeying the orders of their Lord to be modest, not cultural or social mores. In fact, Christian nuns cover their hair out of modesty, yet no one considers them “oppressed”. By following the command of Allah, Muslim women are doing the exact same thing.

The lives of the people who responded to the Quran have changed drastically. It had a tremendous impact on so many people, especially women, since this was the first time that the souls of man and women were declared equal -- with the same obligations as well as the same rewards.

For the first time in history, women were granted economic independence in Islam. The money they bring in to marriage is theirs as well as the money they earn. In Islam, women are allowed to choose their own husbands and in extreme cases, ask for divorce. A woman has the right to be educated, contrary to what the contemporary world might think. The responsibility is that of the person who is raising her.

Islam is a religion that holds women in high regard. Long ago, when baby boys were born, they brought great joy to the family. The birth of a girl was greeted with considerably less joy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, girls were hated so much that they were buried alive. Islam has always been against this irrational discrimination against girls and female infanticide.

The Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, said: "Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim (male and female)." Men and women both have the capacity for learning and understanding. Since it is also their obligation to promote good behavior and condemn bad behavior in all spheres of life, Muslim women must acquire the appropriate education to perform this duty in accordance with their own natural talents and interests.

While maintenance of their homes, providing support to the husband and bearing, raising and teaching children are among the first and very highly regarded roles for a woman, if she has the skills to work outside the home for the good of the community, she may do so. However, this is allowed only as long as her family obligations are met and as long as she complies with the Islamic code of dress and conduct, with no intermingling with men in the workplace.

Islam recognizes and fosters the natural differences between men and women despite their equality. Some types of work are more suitable for men and other types for women. This differentiation in no way diminishes the effort or benefit of one gender over the other. God will reward both genders equally for the value of their work, though it may not necessarily be within the same sphere of activity.

The two great roles a woman plays in life are that of a wife and a mother. The Prophet –peace be upon him-, once said to a group of Companions:

Concerning motherhood, the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, said: "Heaven lies under the feet of mothers." This implies that the success of a society can be traced to the mothers who raised it. The first and greatest influence on a person comes from the sense of security, affection and training received from the mother. Therefore, a woman having children must be educated and conscientious in order to be a skillful parent.

A man came to the Prophet, PBUH, and asked: "Who among my kinfolk is worthy of my good companionship?" The Prophet –peace be upon him-, replied: "Your mother" three times before saying: "Your father." This indicates the impact that a mother has in a person's life. So women are highly honored in this great religion.

Islam is a religion that treats women fairly. The Muslim woman was given a role, duties and rights 1400 years ago that most women do not enjoy even today in the West. These rights are from God and are designed to maintain a balance in society; what may seem “unjust” or “missing” in one place is compensated for or explained in another place.

"The best among you are those who are the best to their wives." This shows that Islam highly encourages treating the wives well. They should be shown love, respect and care. To foster the love and security that comes with marriage, Muslim wives have various rights. The first of the wife's rights is to receive dowry, a gift from the husband, which is part of the marriage contract and required for the legality of the marriage.

The second right of a wife is maintenance. Despite any wealth she may have, her husband is obligated to provide her with food, shelter and clothing. He is not forced, however, to spend beyond his capability and his wife is not entitled to make unreasonable demands.

What is Islam?

by ~mobeen
Islam in general refers to the religion which God Almighty sent His Prophets to teach mankind: The worship of the One God alone (pure Monotheism) while submitting to God's will in gratitude for being given life and innumerable blessings.

Choosing your Religion

Each person is born into a religious environment that is not of his/her own choice.

From the very beginning of human existence in this world, they are assigned the religion of their family or the ideology of the state.

By the time individuals reach their teens they usually accept the beliefs of their parents or those of their particular society.

However, when some people mature and are exposed to other beliefs and ideologies, they begin to question the validity of their own beliefs.

Some of them take a materialistic approach and become atheist.

The strange thing about many athiests is that they claim to be following science.

They claim that nothing proves the existence of a Creator.

We say to those of our brethren in humanity, think about it.

If you are walking in the snow or in a desert and you see some footprints one after another in twos you infer that there was someone who had walked through this place.

Yet you didn't see that person.

It was the organized set of footprints which made you sure that someone had walked through there. Anyone who has played scrabble knows you can't throw up the pieces and they land in a sentence much less a complex poem.

The same thing goes for the universe. We see a vast system of complex organization, especially here on the Earth. Yet still some educated people agree to this fact, but disagree that there has to be a creator for there to be a creation. So where did everything come from?

The answer is in your heart and you know it.

We ask you what makes your heart beat? If you go to your science book you will say electricity from your brain. Ok, where did that electricity come from? Are you plugged into something? How does your body know how to digest food? etc... etc... etc... Everything exists most intelligently designed by the command of the absolutely wise and merciful creator and sustainer.

Because the All-Knowing Creator knows that most people won't see this reality He sent His Prophets performing miracles to clearly prove their being sent by the only One who is in control of the laws of nature and can change them at will. These miracles were recorded throughout history.

Seekers of truth often reach a point of confusion upon realizing that believers of every religion, sect, ideology and philosophy all claim to have the one and only correct religion or ideology. For those who believe in God there are only three possibilities:

They are either all correct, all wrong, or only one is correct and the rest are misrepresenting God by the hands of man.

1- They cannot all be right since all religions are different from each other in their basic foundations including; who is God and what His nature is or what will happen after we die.

2- It can't be that they are all wrong. In the past, governments have failed us and haven't properly ruled by the message of God and much evidence of corruption in religion and scriptures have surfaced throughout the centuries. This reality led to atheism and the claim that everyone should individually decide who God is and how they relate to him (make up their own religion). The truth is that corruption in people or even scriptures doesn't negate God or His message. The reality is that Islam is the only religion in which all of its own scholars throughout history agree to the infallibility and absolute perfection of its own scripture.

Be sure, the Most Merciful God didn't leave us alone without any guidance to lighten our path and lead us back to Him. We lack the knowledge and wisdom to hold such a responsibility. Plus this would lead to spiritual division among man. And finally it would make God unjust, leaving us to figure out our own purpose in life, and then judging us upon our faith and works.

How then would we achieve this ultimate goal of pleasing our Creator?

3- The truth is only one of these religions can be the pure truth. The All Merciful God sent human Prophets among mankind to show us the way and to teach us how to believe and how to have a true relationship with our Almighty Creator. The responsibility of preserving the scripture from Prophet to Prophet and nation to nation was with the religious leaders. Indeed those scholars allowed the previous scriptures to be corrupted. All Muslims believe that God revealed the same religion to each Prophet. That was to worship God alone without assocating others with Him. This worship should be in accordance with the example of the Prophet. This religion is called Islam. With corruption of the scriptures, came the names and labels as well. Christianity has the more adherents than any other religion and there isn't one verse claimed to have been said by Jesus which mentions the name Chirstianity and neither does Jesus command them to be called Christians.

So, which religion is the right one and how can the seeker of truth know it? In beginning one's search for which religion is true, one should keep four things in mind:

First, God gave us the ability and intellect to make this crucial decision, hence it is our decision and we don't need our parents, family, or society to make it for us.

Second, God did not leave us to go astray without any guidance. Indeed, He sent us Prophets (pbut) with scriptures to show us the right path. The proof of this is in the various miracles performed by these Prophets (pbut) which have been recorded throughout time. These Prophets all claim to have been sent by God to teach us His will for us.

Third, seeking the true religion is the most important decision in one's life because our eternity depends on it.

Fourth, one can only make a fair rational decision about the true religion of God if emotions and prejudices, which often blind one to the truth, are put aside.

We would like to present Islam to you as an option. We would like you to consider the following characteristics about Islam in making your decision:

* Islam is consistent with logic and rational thinking.

* Islam opens the door for anyone to challenge its authenticity. It also provokes you and shows you how to challenge it, that you may achieve certainty in it.

* Islam provides the needed answers for all important and fundamental questions concerning God, the purpose of life, and the hereafter.

* Islam is supported by contemporary miracles and proofs. For example Islamic ****s revealed 1,400 years ago are 100% compatible with recently established science. Read "The Bible, the Qur'an, and science" by Maurice Bucaille who accepted Islam after researching for this book.

* Islam combines the Hereafter with our daily lives and makes a strong bond between the two through our sense of accountability.

* Islam is more than a "religion" in common terminology. It truly is a comprehensive system of life with a detailed law and ethical system. It establishes systems for worship, family living, government, politics, education, economics and social relations.

* Islam is based on a firmly established system of law founded on authentic revealed ****s which have been put under deep scrutiny. It is not based upon individuals' ideas, emotional attachments, or religious hierarchies which have no solid foundation in authentic revelation.

* Islam encourages people to seek knowledge and contribute to the world.

* Islam provides true equality, solving the age old problems of race and gender.



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